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This smoothie will wake you up in the morning and can be a wonderful dessert if you add sugar.

About 95% of cranberries are processed into products such as juice drinks, sauce, and sweetened dried cranberries. The remaining are sold fresh to consumers.

Cranberries are normally considered too sharp to be eaten plain and raw, as they are not only sour but bitter as well.

Fresh cranberries can be frozen at home, and will keep up to nine months; they can be used directly in recipes without thawing.

This recipe serves 2.

What you need:

* 2 dl frozen cranberries
* 2 dl cranberry juice
* 2 dl vanilla quark

What you do:

Have all ingredients in a blender and mix to a thick smoothie.
Pour into glasses and decorate with a few cranberries and or other berries before serving.


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