Hello! My name is Therese and I am the Norwegian Hausfrau.
Like the name of this blog indicates I am Norwegian but the last 10 years I have been living in the German speaking part of Switzerland with my Swiss husband and our two girls.

“Hausfrau” means “German housewife” which again indicates a woman who is overly domesticated. Norwegian housewives are not nearly as overly domesticated, but they do enjoy a good meal, a glass of wine and a nicely set table.

I am more then average interested in everything culinary and the kitchen is my favorite place in the house.
Till now I`ve tried out my cooking on my family and close friends, but maybe more people could be inspired to try out my recipes or make their own versions of it.

With this blog I hope to inspire you and I`d like to hear from you so please comment on the posts or send me a mail here:


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  1. Hi Therese! Love this. I was hoping you might try and link the meal plans with recipes! Then it would be even easier to do. At the moment, I have to download the plans and then look up the recipes.

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