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It sneaks up on you like the cold wind.
Something you’ve forgot stirs in your mind but you can’t see past the fog.
Out of nowhere the fog lifts it’s veil and the truth hits you smack in the face making you scream:

No? Not you?
Well, me it gets every year.
I’m not much of a Halloween celebrating person, but the kids like it when I decorate the house a little.
We eat pumpkin soup and perhaps watch a kids-approved-scary-enough movie.
If I don’t forget the whole thing that is.

Trick or treating is not common here in Switzerland. We tried it one year with a group of kids we’d invited to a Halloween party, but the neighbors in our street just shook their heads when finding us on their doorstep, and the candy basket was less then half full of oranges, half eaten popcorn bags and nuts. Luckily I had sort of foreseen this and loved playing the good candy godmother with a big bag of the most unhealthy sweets for the kids to take home. I’m sure their parents appreciated that.

I found some really inspiring table decorations from shelterness.com and betweennapsontheporch.net which I wanted to share with you – in case you’re about to set the table for a Halloween party. I hope you’re not scared of trying something new.





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  1. Ha! OUR first Halloween-Party in our small street was a big success this year. Kids returned packed with candy. Tja, seems that Eschenbach is more open to new influences than Lucerne’s Agglo!? With a big smile, Roger

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