Red Risotto with Ceps

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White wine risotto is a recurring dish at our house. We all have our favorite variation. My husband likes it with all kinds of mushrooms, my kids like it with asparages and my favorite is with lemon zest.

Changing up a risotto is not difficult and can rarely go wrong.
This recipe is with red wine which most of all changes the look of the dish while the taste stays the same.

Think about plating when you decide upon going red or white. Serving red meat with redish risotto might not give the kontrast and “look” you`re after.

I served this dish by it self.

This recipe serves 4 persons.


* 600 ml vegetable stock
* 500 ml red wine (a Merlot is a good choice)
* 300 g risotto rice (arborio, carnaroli, vialone nano etc.)
* 1 tbsp butter
* 2-3 tbsp oliveoil
* 1 red onion, chopped
* 1 clove garlic, minzed
* 50 g dried ceps (porcini)
* Parmesan, grated
* Fresh parsely or other green herbs of choice.


Bring the vegetable stock to a simmer and keep it hot.

Soak the dried mushrooms for about 15 minutes in lukewarm water.

On a little above middle temperature and in a large deep-sided frying pan, have the chopped onion, garlic, rice and oliveoil.
While stirring, let the onions and rice get transparent (but not burnt). Add half of the wine and let the rice soak it up before adding the second half.

All the while stirring, add the stock ladle by ladle. Let the rice soak up the fluid before adding more.

Cut the ceps into smaller pieces and add to the rice.
The rice is ready when it´s soft but still has a little bite to it.

NB: if you find the risotto to thick in consistency just add more water or wine. Risotto should not be dry.

When you find the rice soft enough, remove the pan from the heat and add a tablespoon of butter. Stir again letting the butter melt over the rice.

Now you add the grated parmesan (as much as you like) and mix well with the rice.

Sprinkle with chopped green herbs and serve steaming hot.


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