Bean Sprouts – Body Benefits

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Bean sprouts are well known for their nutrition and health benefits.
They`re easy to integrate into salad – try this Sookjul Namul -  or add to a stir fry.
Although I knew the sprouts are good for you, I didn`t really know exactly what they do for the body.
So I googled it and found this:Preventing cancer
In the process of beans become sprout, has outlined 90 percent olisakarida chain become simple carbohydrates, so that the compound is easily absorbed by the body, without producing gas. Because it contains a lot of fiber and water, sprouts help, draining impurities in the colon. It is become double power sprouts in the fight against cancer. By pushing dirt immediately left of the colon, so that no toxic substances in the dirt that can absorbed by the body. And this will prevent the buildup of toxic substances that can stimulate the blossoming of the seeds of cancer.

Antioxidants contained in it may help slow the aging process and prevent the spread of cancer cells.

Preventing heart attack and stroke
The people with the risk of stroke and heart attacks are caused by increased blood fat levels, it is recommended to eat more bean sprouts. This is due, in saponin sprouts will destroy LDL bad cholesterol without fat megganggu good HDL. And saponins that can be obtained in large alfalfa sprouts when the grain become sprout, which generally saponinnya levels up to 450%.

Preventing Osteoporosis
Natural estrogen found in sprouts can function similarly to the synthetic estrogen, but the superiority of natural estrogen has no side effects. So that the estrogen in bean sprouts can significantly increase bone density, bone structure and prevent the rottenness of the bones.

Generating the immune system
Saponin sprouts can also raise the body’s immune system, in particular by increasing the activity of natural vascular cells (natural killer cells), particularly the T-cell lymphocytes and interferon. In addition to DNA-laden, bean sprouts are rich in antioxidants that fortify the body from free radicals, damaging cell DNA.

Good for Digestion
Because it is alkaline, the bean sprouts are very good to keep the acidity of the stomach and facilitate digestion. Besides fiber content can increase intestinal contractions, so as to have an effect that can facilitate defecation.

Increasing fertility
Bean sprouts have the ability to increase fertility, if consumed regularly it will improve the quality of sperm. The content of vitamin E, especially vitamin E-alpha, and might help to improve fertility for men. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that can protect cells from free radical attack. By eating the sprouts, there is the possibility of vitamin E is to protect egg cells or sperm of different damage from free radical attacks.

Good for the skin
Bean sprouts are also good for beauty, which helps rejuvenate and soften the skin. This is because the sprouts contain high levels of vitamin E are high. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that can protect cells from free radical attack. Sprouts, bean-based, is also believed that the major protein and essential for skin turnover.

Lose weight
Bean sprouts are also very free of fat, a cup of green bean sprouts, or about 124 grams contains only 0.11 grams of fat, so sprouts are a good source of food to lose weight. Low-fat diet with sprouts is very useful for weight loss. Besides a low-fat diet also reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes (due to lifestyle).

Prevent menstrual disorders and menopause
Antioxidant content in bean sprouts can improve blood circulation in order to prevent and neutralize the factors supporting the occurrence of the disease. If you regularly eat sprouts before menstruation may help prevent complaints during menstruation. Eating sprouts as a source of vitamin E also may help prevent disruption of heat that is felt in the pre menopause.

Other benefits
Eliminating black spots on the face, acne cure, nourish hair and prevent breast cancer.

All these great tips comes from – check out their site!

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