At the November 14`th Cooking Party we will prepare for the festive season by creating a three course menu well worth inviting your friends and family over on.

A quick peak at the Menu:
* Crème Ninon with Champagne,
Baked Salmon with herbs and caramelized lemons,
* Surprise Bonfire Dessert

Paired with the right wines and the right people (meaning you!) this should be quite a treat.

The evening costs 85 chf (including location, food, drinks, goodie bag and my preparations).
If you`re interested in joining please and let the feast begin!


November Cooking Party

Tomorrow at 14:00 I`ll be at Favouritz in Lucerne offering you my home made nut mixes and also jars of freshly made “Ella`s Best Tomato Sauce” for pasta.
Stop by for a taste and a look!


Come join me at Favouritz, Kaufmannweg 14, Lucerne. Wednesday Aug. 28`th at 14:00.


This fall I`ll be hosting three Cooking Parties and I`m inviting you to come.


September 19′th – Apples
When I think of fall I think of apples. Red, green and yellow in their colors, matching the leaves soon to fall of the trees. So what can we create with this fruit besides apple pie? And how do we add it to a warm meal?
I have a few ideas: Apple Sangria, Apple+Parsnip Soup, Chicken+Bacon+Apple Rolls and for dessert something typical Norwegian with the funny name “Veiled peasant girls”.

October 17`th – Soul Warming Soups
I love soup and therefor I`m so much looking forward to this soup party.
We`ll look to Italy and France to make three ultimate classic soups where the right technique and your love for food will give soul to the dishes.

November 14`th – Flu-Fighting Foods
Don’t underestimate the power of food to help keep you healthy.
At this party we`ll use garlic, onions, spices, berries, mushrooms, salmon and dark chocolate among other ingredients. Here`s to a flu-free winter – Cheers!

Please sign up for the parties using this form below.
I`ll be in touch with you within 48 hours to confirm your registration.
Each party has 12 spots and costs 80chf a person.
The Party goes from 19:00 till about 23:00.
The Cooking Parties are held at Veriset Austellungsküche in Root (LU).
Placed between Luzern and Zug it`s very easy to reach by train or car.
For any questions please contact me per mail:

If you were to turn into a food what would it be?

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(please use the “Leave a comment” option below for a different food choice)

Let`s have some food fun!

This is were we will be cooking.

You are invited to a Cooking Party hosted by The Norwegian Hausfrau.
The party will take place in the gorgeous Veriset Kitchens in Root on Thursday June 20th.

At this cooking party we will all be preparing and enjoying a meal together.
It`s hands on training to prepare you for having guests over this summer.
I will set up a light summer menu, show you how to prepare it and guide you through the process. Then we will sit down at a beautifully decorated table and enjoy the food we have created and each other’s company.
You will get to take home recipes of all dishes we make and a little goodie bag with special treats.

There are only 10 places for this evening so please hurry up and reserve yourself (and your friend) a spot.
You can do this by sending me a mail with your name and mail address.

Good to know info:

Date: June 20th
Time: 19:00 – 22:00
Price: 80chf
Location: Veriset Ausstellungsküchen, Oberfeld, Root (kanton Luzern)
Vis a vis from D4 Business Center.
How to get there: 15 minutes drive from Luzern center,  20 min by S-Bahn from Luzern, 25 minutes by S-Bahn from Zug. .
Language: English/German



These antioxidant-packed, low-calorie fruits have a number of possible health benefits, including speeding up exercise recovery, promoting sleep and protecting the heart.
Eat them raw or juice them.

96 percent water, rich in vitamins A, C and K, as well as magnesium and potassium, all for very few calories.
Use them in salads, on sandwiches and pureed with avocado and yogurt.

One medium fruit can contain nearly 70 percent of your daily recommended intake of A and three times your C. It’s also a good sourse of fiber and potassium, and contains some of the antioxidants found in other orange and yellow produce, like sweet potatoes, that offer skin and immunity benefits.
Dice some into your next fruit salad with pineapple or with mango, avocado and a little onion as a homemade salsa.

Rich in vitamins A, C and K, plus fiber. The dark hue of plums signals cardiovascular benefits, as well as perks for the brain and the heart.
A perfect grab-and-go fruit. Or try making a chutney out of plums (or cherries, for that matter) to top chicken or fresh fish.


Source: Huffingtonpost


This week in Migros:
Emilia Romagna Prosciutto crudo 4.75 (6.80)
I love this prosciutto by it self, with a slice of melon or wrapped around mango.

Tuesday Shopping Tip

“I don’t want to hear the specials. If they’re so special, put ‘em on the menu.”
Jerry Seinfeld 

Rigatoni Pasta with Red Pesto
Roast Salmon with White Wine Sauce
red_pesto roastsalmon
Spaghetti and Fresh Tomato Sauce
Yellow Lentil + Coconut Soup
fresh_tomato_sauce150 lentil_coconut_soup150
White Pizza
Chili con Carne
whitepizza150 chiliconcarne150
Salmon, Prawn and Watercress Pie
“PIE” by Angela Boggiano
salmon_pie150 pie_book_angelaboggiano150

Summer is aaalmost here and I want to know which one of these lovely drinks you prefer. You get 3 choices. Use the comment field to let me now about other favorites you have.

My favorite summer drink:

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What is Your Favorite Summer Drink?


1 May, 2013 — 4 Comments